Camella QueSST Grand TIPS and RFO Expo

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Camella QueSST Grand Tips and RFO Expo are making waves!

Expand the horizon of your project knowledge with the newest updates and explore the magnificent sites of Camella Communities in:
• Quezon, Province• San Juan, Batangas• San Pascual, Batangas• Taal, Batangas

Don’t miss out new episode of HomeTalk. Come and watch with us!

Join Camella QueSST’s Grand TIPS and learn the key selling points to become the professional seller you can be!

April 27 I Wednesday, 6PM I Via Zoom

See you there, business partners!


Date & Time
April 27, 2022
6:00 PM 10:00 PM Asia/Manila

Camella Zoom (Check Email Invitation)

--Camella Zoom (Check Email Invitation)--
--Camella Zoom (Check Email Invitation)--
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